Our Consultants

Happy Consults is a unique space where you can find a wide range of experts to help you with your issues at work, your life at home or your desire for a healthier life.

Executive coaches, therapists, psychologists, nutritionists, stress management consultants and lawyers are just some of the experts available via Happy Consults – and we’re adding more expertise every day.

Our experts are fully-trained in their discipline, accredited and carefully screened and selected.

They believe in Happy Consults’ core values – that it takes an integrated approach to work, body & mind, relationships and sustainability to achieve wellness.


Whether you have a specific leadership issue, feel stuck in your job, are looking for your next professional challenge, or are overwhelmed by the local cultural differences, our executive and career coaches will support your quest for leadership, behavioral or career development.



From leadership to sustainability, our consultants will help you navigate various areas of concern, from “How to improve the performance of my team,”to “How to play an active role in the day to day protection of our planet.”


Legal Services

During difficult times in our personal or professional lives, the need for an experienced lawyer sometimes arises. Happy Consults is proud to offer legal counseling for family, tax and commercial issues. We strive to provide you with genuine relief from your legal woes.



Our fully trained psychotherapists and psychologists will help you manage high stress situations and address your mental and emotional challenges to bring perspective, clarity and balance to your life.


Well Being

We offer guidance in meditation, mindfulness, and nutrition. Also provided are yoga and physiotherapy consultations with specialists who will help you adopt healthy habits to more optimally train your mind and body.


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