Dare to Care

A wellness support program adapted to your business – Corporate Stress Management Consulting

Reducing stress at work, taking care of  your employees’ mental health, and constantly aiming to improve well-being in the office are sometimes taboo topics for companies. However, well-being at work is not only critical for staff but is also a vital goal for employers in order to make work desirable and retain talent. At Happy Consults, we encourage you to Dare to Care.

A Happy Consults Corporate Stress Management Consultant provides help and support to your employees in the challenges they encounter in their professional and personal lives. At Happy Consults, we offer psychological support by a professional mental health specialist to each employee. We also assist in selecting the most suitable expert according to your employees’ needs.

With years of experience working for some of the top business schools and multinationals all over the world, our team of executive coaches can also accompany your leaders through their own on-going challenges. We are especially adept at guiding expatriates dealing with challenging cultural and behavioral leadership issues. Whatever their level of seniority, from manager to high-level executive, Happy Consults has a team of highly experienced coaches to support you 24/7 wherever you are in the world.

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