Happy Consults' Insights

At Happy Consults our mission is to help you achieve balance across work, body & mind, relationships and your environment to achieve wellness.

So we’ve created four dedicated Insights streams to help keep you up-to-date with the latest thinking and answer your questions on


From the challenges of working from home to the common frustrations of managing deadlines and office politics, our insights help you find perspective and deliver practical tips for well-being at work.


How to manage stress, eat well, improve your body posture, and find moments in the day to focus on your physical and mental health.



Arguments with a boss, colleague, spouse or child can lead to the most dispiriting feeling. Learn how to bring the tension levels down and grow a deeper, more fulfilling connection with people.


Learn how to take little green steps every day to help make a positive impact on your immediate environment and the planet, with techniques on decluttering and consuming  more mindfully.